The Weekend

We’ve had much fun this weekend after a period of very little pure fun. We did take care of some business on Saturday, but it was combined with a visit with curiousmay9 so it was quite enjoyable.

Saturday evening was my first visit to mique_mique‘s delightful home. Paxton, the big dobie, is a sweetheart. He also believes that he’s far smaller than he is, and will try to sit on the 2″ left on the loveseat left between me and his “Mom.” Sallie, a mini-pin, is a chubby little dominatrix.

It was fun to go back to a mid-level D&D game. We haven’t played this particular campaign since August! Like most Silken Moonlight sessions, it was full of innuendo and outright bawdiness. I’m a notorious homebody, but having no worries about kids wandering through listening was very freeing.

This afternoon klrmn and king_james came over to play Cloak & Scroll. It was klrmn‘s first game ever! She roleplayed her character very nicely.

I do enjoy stretching by playing my character for that game, who is *much* different than my “normal” D&D character, Tarafëar. For the first time, three of Seauclaire’s four personas came out during the session. Sam determines when a change happens and which aspect comes out. There was a little of a “whiplash” feeling at times, switching gears instantly to extremely disparate people with totally different values, mannerisms, and skills—even effective ages. I hope that it was believable and that I managed enough to RP them differently enough to be obvious to anyone without hearing Sam tell me about the switch.

It was a lot of fun. I do hope the other two players didn’t mind. It did offer a chance/reason to bring in klrmn‘s character as an ally rather than an enemy, which is especially important in a spy campaign.

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