Trust Metric Meme

Well, I had to post it, since it took days of going to the site every time a friend posted theirs and being told: “too many users at this time.”

Here are technomom’s most trusted friends

  • sambear (47)
  • shadowkatt (19)
  • ga_sunshine (17)
  • noelfigart (14)
  • wordcandlemage (10)
  • waya (9)
  • dwivian (9)
  • shadowvelvet (9)
  • blyssmouse (8)
  • curiousmay9 (8)
  • ottergrrl (8)
  • cybrcat (8)
  • simplykimberly (8)
  • jaketherake (8)
  • twochicsinbham (8)
  • greyknight (7)
  • redcrowstudio (7)
  • moonstaff (7)
  • keiracaitlyn (7)
  • walkingbear (7)

Who are your most trusted friends?

“Ok. There are four lists here. Most trusted friends are friends of yours who are also friends of your other friends. People at the top of this list are friended by the most of your friends. The number indicates how many of your friends have that person as their friend. Most trusted nonfriends are friends of friends, who are not your friends, ranked in the order of how many of your friends have that person as their friend. The least trusted lists are just like the most trusted, but ranked in the opposite order.”
(I only posted the most trusted friends list.)

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