Review: Maria V. Snyder’s Study Series

Fire Study by Maria V. Sny­der My review rat­ing: 4 of 5 star­sI strong­ly rec­om­mend read­ing Poi­son Study, Assas­sin Study, Mag­ic Study, and Pow­er Study all at a go. The two novel­las are option­al but canon­i­cal and fun.  Sny­der’s world seems to be made up of just two coun­tries: Ixia and Sitia. When Poi­son Study starts, […]

Geography is colorful — and a whole lot more

Nation­al Geograhic is lead­ing the My Won­der­ful World cam­paign. There are sug­ges­tions for par­ents, kids, teens, and edu­ca­tors.  I wan­na be a teen. I want to get a pass­port and a nifty lit­tle GPS unit and go geo­caching and explore the world and learn oth­er languages. 

Good Homeschooling Day

Kata­ri­na went out with me and we drove around, tak­ing pic­tures of things. OK, that sounds vague, but real­ly, Kata­ri­na enjoys tak­ing pic­tures of things, and these things are high­ly ran­dom yet they all have cer­tain qual­i­ties: They’re fre­quent­ly old, cracked, rust­ed, or broken/trashed They can be cast in some sort of jux­ta­po­si­tion­al light They are […]

Today’s Miscellany

Self-respect is the fruit of dis­ci­pline; the sense of dig­ni­ty grows with the abil­i­ty to say no to one­self. –Abra­ham J. Hes­chel Home­school­ing link: Non­Stop Eng­lish is intend­ed for help­ing those learn­ing Eng­lish as a second/foreign lan­guage, but it looks like it would be use­ful to oth­ers as well. For sam­bear: The Flight of Ducks Too bad this […]

Linky Link Link

I’m cross­post­ing this to my jour­nal and the HSing com­mu­ni­ty here: The Visu­al Telling of Sto­ries Archive Iraqi Art Theft Issues I got sor­ta stuck on this Mid­dle East/North Africa Map Test. I just could not quit until I got them all right. Make sure your point­ing device is work­ing well, though — you have to […]

Homeschooling Joy

Some­thing Katie said after read­ing the news this morn­ing sparked a con­ver­sa­tion about war and how it affects the econ­o­my. And about gov­ern­ments, tax­a­tion, how resources are used, etc. Which led to dis­cussing sus­tain­able growth, rela­tion­ships, agriculture—you name it. Well, it’s real­ly an ongo­ing conversation—new things pop into our heads from time to time. I love […]

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