Flowers Fighting Fibromyalgia!

Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by ChatOmbre. This is one flower of the love­ly bou­quet in my liv­ing room right now. Sam knows how much I val­ue fresh flow­ers, so he usu­al­ly brings them to me every week or two. Katie knows that I adore them, so she pho­tographs them, allow­ing me to enjoy them even longer. Actually, […]

Want to Go to the Ballet Tonight? Free?

We’ve got two extra tick­ets to see Drac­u­la per­formed by the Atlanta Bal­let. The per­for­mance is tonight at the Fox. We’ll be meet­ing at 6:15. The per­for­mance is part of the Kids in Step series. It’s a full dress rehearsal for the “reg­u­lar” show. It is NOT con­sid­ered appro­pri­ate for kids under 12 or 13.

For Waya

Not a Bud­dhaBoard, but I thought you might like them any­way. PDA Zen Gar­den Kare­san­sui, or the “dry-land­s­cape” style Japan­ese gar­dens have been in exis­tence for cen­turies, but it was­n’t until the late sixth cen­tu­ry with the advent of Zen Bud­dhism did “dry style” gar­dens began to evolve. The ear­li­er gar­dens were cre­at­ed where one […]

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