Flowers Fighting Fibromyalgia!

Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by ChatOmbre.

This is a one flower of the love­ly bou­quet in my liv­ing room right now. Sam knows how much I val­ue fresh flow­ers, so he usu­al­ly brings them to me every week or two. Katie knows that I adore them, so she pho­tographs them, allow­ing me to enjoy them even longer. Actu­al­ly, the image in my blog head­er is from anoth­er bunch of flow­ers Sam bought for me. I arranged them and Katie pho­tographed them.

This is one of my lit­tle joys, one of the things that dis­tracts me from the pain and dis­com­fort of fibromyal­gia and oth­er diag­noses. What’s one of yours?