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Friend that knows you the best? sambear

Friend you have known the longest? I think I’ve known noelfigart online the longest. In person, apparently I met voltbang just as I was leaving my job at MindSpring and he was coming on board back in 1996. I just don’t wholly remember it. And I met pickmansraven through another job around, um, 1998?

Friends you have met in person? Definitely arrowstar, autographedcat, copperscale, cybrcat, deza, ericdabear, funnifamily, goddessinga, greyknight, kitanzi, mfree, mique_mique, mrpsyklops, pickmansraven, rasilio, rloveking, sambear, surrdave, triadj, triest, voltbang, whisperofwillow, and _starrgirl_. I may have met a few others in person, as well, but I’m not 100% sure at the moment.

Friend you would most like to meet in person? That’s hard! I’ve wanted to meet neolfigart and the rest of OLQ for years. We’ve been trying to find time to meet naesa in person. I’d love to meet alice_bunnie and kanga2roos too. If I don’t get to meet technoshaman, jenkitty and (I hope) riverheart whenever they visit Georgia I’ll be very disappointed. Basically, if someone is on my friends list, I’d like to meet him/her in person.

Friend that makes you laugh the most from their post? Today it was birdofparadox. It varies.

Friend you wish posted more? lafemmedesfemme

Friend you feel is most like you? Hmmm. sambear and greyknight keep insisting that goddessinga and I are too much alike at times.

Last person you added as a friend? triest

Friend that introduced you to LJ? rasilio

Friend you most want to get know better? See that list of people I want to meet in person? Yep.

Friend that offers you the most encouragement? sambear

Do you read someone’s journal that is not on your friends list? That would be a lot more trouble than just adding them to my friends list, and I can hardly keep up with that as it is now!

Based on the # of people your friends list follow the chart below…
* *you have 1-5 people on your friends list – Say something nice about the 3rd person.
* *you have 6-20 people on your friends list- Say something nice about the 11th person.
* *you have 21-75 people in your friends list – Say something nice about the 21st person.
* *you have 75+ people on your friends list – Say something nice about the 50th person.

Okay, I’m not sure I counted right so #50 is either mfree or mique_mique. I’d like to spend more time with mfree, as he’s fun to talk to. And mique_mique is a marvelous person who I’m thrilled to have in our family.

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