Clue Time!

If a busi­ness own­er asks anoth­er web­site own­er to link to his site, that busi­ness pre­sum­ably wish­es to increase traf­fic in order to increase sales.

One pre­sumes that the sites asked for links are those that look most like­ly to dri­ve a fair amount of traf­fic to the busi­ness site.

Grant­i­ng said link, even if offered a rec­i­p­ro­cal link, is of no ben­e­fit to the own­er of a pure­ly per­son­al site. One should note the lack of adver­tis­ing or any attempt to make mon­ey from the site *before* con­tact­ing the owner.

Call­ing the site own­er a bitch because she explains that the link does not fit the nature of her site is unwise. You see, she is all too like­ly to choose to use that same net­work of con­tacts you envied to spread the word that you are unpro­fes­sion­al, at the very least.

When one is in a rel­a­tive­ly small indus­try with a shrink­ing mar­ket, espe­cial­ly when one’s busi­ness is young, word of mouth can be a great ben­e­fit or a great danger.

Say­ing, “Oh, I’m sor­ry, I take it back!” will not remove the stain you brought upon your reputation.

If the ref­er­enced clue­less busi­ness per­son is read­ing this, don’t both­er to con­tact me again. It will do you no good and could cause fur­ther harm. Let it go and learn from the experience.

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