Not Dead Yet!

I haven’t giv­en up on this blog, either. Or even the long-miss­ing pod­cast! I don’t know why I haven’t post­ed in so long, hon­est­ly. I’ve been in a very qui­et time, but it’s time to leave the shell.

I have had more health prob­lems, and I’m on more med­ica­tions now. I’ve added a wheel­chair to the walk­er and cane, and need an elec­tric chair or scooter.

At the same time, I’ve con­stant­ly read things and thought, “I should post that to Fibrant Living.”

So I am, now. I hope some of you are still reading!

Rise and SHiNe!

This is to announce the start of a new pod­cast net­work: SHiNe, the Self-Help Pod­cast Net­work. SHiNe seeks to col­lect all the pod­casts that are about self-improve­ment, health and well-being in one place, so that peo­ple can find them more easily.

Check out the SHiNe Net­work at

Comments — yes, please!

Juliann, of the It Won’t Kill You and Sick and Tired pod­casts, kind­ly let me know that my theme is miss­ing some­thing real­ly impor­tant: the link so you can reg­is­ter to com­ment.

I’ve fixed that major over­sight now, and absolute­ly DO want your com­ments! Reg­is­tra­tion just takes a few min­utes, and is only required to keep down spam. I don’t have to approve you or any­thing. The process just makes sure that you’re using a valid email address.

Please go to, which is now linked right there at the top of the mid­dle col­umn, next to the cur­rent post, reg­is­ter, and tell me what you think!

Actu­al­ly, you don’t even have to reg­is­ter now 🙂

And if you haven’t giv­en Julian­n’s pod­casts a lis­ten, head over there, too. They are excel­lent, and she has a love­ly, sooth­ing voice.