Project Suggestions?

Yes, I knew that I couldn’t possibly get through a class called Small Group Communications without enduring a group project.

There are two. And they make up the vast majority of our grades.

I wouldn’t take the class if it weren’t required for the degree.

The first project involves watching a small group interact, in person, with permission, and reporting on it. We must be able to observe the group 2-3 times over a period of a week or two.

The things I’ve thought about, though, are groups where I’m at least marginally involved or personally know people who are involved. It would be difficult not to interact with the group myself, which is a no-no. That changes what’s observed, of course.

So, suggestions? The group has to be in the metro Atlanta area, and open to let 5-6 college students observe a few meetings. (Quietly. If the other observers aren’t quiet, I’ll just have to cut their throats or something.)

(The professor mentioned that a group in one past class observed “Wicca people.” The students were unhappy because there were some events they could observe, and others that they couldn’t. The entire idea of an initiatory religion with private rituals seemed to go right past the professor when I attempted to explain it.)

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