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Researchers Map the Sex­u­al Net­work of an Entire High School COLUMBUS, Ohio – For the first time, soci­ol­o­gists have mapped the roman­tic and sex­u­al rela­tion­ships of an entire high school over 18 months, pro­vid­ing evi­dence that these ado­les­cent net­works may be struc­tured dif­fer­ent­ly than researchers pre­vi­ous­ly thought. The results showed that, unlike many adult networks, […]

Need Interview Subjects, Please?

I need to find some­one to inter­view for my com­par­a­tive cul­tures course who 1) Moved from some oth­er coun­try (not Cana­da, I think) to the US 2) Has not been in the US for more than 12 months 3) If the sub­ject has moved back (or on) to anoth­er coun­try, has­n’t been there long enough for […]


We got the first ship­ment of gar­den­ing stuff!  Bean-vio­let pod­ded string­less Bean-jade Bean-max­i­bel Corn-serendip­i­ty Car­rots-mokum Let­tuce-val­maine Mel­on-earligold Mel­on-fast­break Mel­on-athena Okra-cajun delight Okra-red bur­gundy Pea-Ore­­gon sug­ar pod II Pea-sug­­ar snap Pep­per-gold­en bell Pep­per-mini­a­­ture red bell Pep­per-mini­a­­ture choco­late bell Pep­per-sheep­­nose pimen­to Pump­kin-lumi­na Pump­kin-jack be lit­tle Pump­kin-prizewin­ner Sum­mer squash-partenon Sum­mer squash-papaya pear Toma­­to-sweet mil­lion cher­ry Toma­­to-Bur­bank slic­ing Toma­­to-jol­­ly elf Let­tuce-dev­il’s tongue Corn-paint­ed moun­tain Creep­ing thyme Verbena-blue […]

The Good and the Bad

The good: Method clean­ers rock. I rock for find­ing and buy­ing them. So there. I bought a basic array of Method prod­ucts and left them for the maids to use this week. Not only did the prod­ucts work well, the maids real­ly, real­ly liked them. And the house smelled not just clean but GOOD. No Pine […]

Poetry: Winter Song

Win­ter Song –Aaron Kramer From Wicked Times      Under a wil­low      close by a brook      her lap for a pil­low      her eyes for a book      she like a drum­mer      prac­ticed her art      all spring and all sum­mer-      the drum was my heart. Hear how the wil­low sighs to the sun: It is over and done with, over and done! Hear the cold brook, […]

Translating the Untranslatable

In Oth­er Words: A Lan­guage Lover’s Guide to the Most Intrigu­ing Words Around the World Lin­guist Christo­pher J. Moore has made a career of search­ing out some of the world’s most “untrans­lat­able” expressions—words from around the globe that defy an easy trans­la­tion into Eng­lish. Moore shares a few of his lin­guis­tic favorites from his new book […]

Rumsfeld Cancels Trip for Fear of Arrest for War Crimes

US Defence Sec­re­tary Don­ald Rums­feld can­celled a planned vis­it to Ger­many after a US human rights organ­i­sa­tion asked Ger­man author­i­ties to pros­e­cute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agen­­tur (dpa) has learned. The Cen­ter for Con­sti­tu­tion­al Rights’ com­plaint is avail­able as well. You can choose the sum­ma­ry or full ver­sion there. Reuters had a ver­sion of the […]

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