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We got the first shipment of gardening stuff!

Bean-violet podded stringless
Okra-cajun delight
Okra-red burgundy
Pea-Oregon sugar pod II
Pea-sugar snap
Pepper-golden bell
Pepper-miniature red bell
Pepper-miniature chocolate bell
Pepper-sheepnose pimento
Pumpkin-jack be little
Summer squash-partenon
Summer squash-papaya pear
Tomato-sweet million cherry
Tomato-Burbank slicing
Tomato-jolly elf
Lettuce-devil’s tongue
Corn-painted mountain
Creeping thyme
Verbena-blue shades
“Hummingbird mix” – don’t remember what’s in that
Alyssum-snow cloth
Scarlet Flax
Cardinal Climber
Cleome-queen mix
Delphinium-color Spring Mix
Echinacea-purple coneflower mix
Forget me not-Chinese
Foxglove-excelsior mix
Gernaium-black velvet rose
Hollyhock-happy lights and creme de cassis
Mallow-beauty mix
Lobelia-crystal palace
Marigold-tangerine gem
Monrning glory-white moonflower
Snapdragon-rainbow mix
Snap-giant bouquet mix
Statice-color mix
Sweet William-tall double
Zinnia-candy cane series and Benary’s giant mix

Would you believe that all that came in a tiny box, maybe 6″ square?

The strawberries, blueberries, garlic, potatoes, and most of the herbs will be shipped over the next few months since they’re live plants.

curiousmay9 says that most of these will take about 15 minutes to get in the ground. I think we start planting in March, she said?

I’m excited!

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