We got the first ship­ment of gar­den­ing stuff!  Bean-vio­let pod­ded string­less Bean-jade Bean-max­i­bel Corn-serendip­i­ty Car­rots-mokum Let­tuce-val­maine Mel­on-earligold Mel­on-fast­break Mel­on-athena Okra-cajun delight Okra-red bur­gundy Pea-Ore­­gon sug­ar pod II Pea-sug­­ar snap Pep­per-gold­en bell Pep­per-mini­a­­ture red bell Pep­per-mini­a­­ture choco­late bell Pep­per-sheep­­nose pimen­to Pump­kin-lumi­na Pump­kin-jack be lit­tle Pump­kin-prizewin­ner Sum­mer squash-partenon…

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