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You know, when reading Rob Brezsny, I find myself not caring at all about any skepticism regarding astrology. He’s just freakin’ inspirational, and good stuff is good stuff no matter where it comes from. This week’s newsletter starts out:

We here at Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology Newsletter
believe that
evil is boring,
fear is hackneyed,
despair is a bad habit,
and cynicism is stupid.

Which is why we offer this proposal:
Choose a period of time, say a week or a month or a year. During
that span, act as if life is crazily in love with you—wildly and
innocently in love with you. Assume that secret helpers are
working behind the scenes to assist you in becoming the gorgeous
miracle you were born to be.

My sun sign says:
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): I predict that in 2003, researchers will use genetic engineering to develop high-yield soy and corn crops that thrive on toxic sludge and acid rain. I further predict that many of you Scorpios will produce analogous marvels in your personal lives. Some of you will exploit your old psychic garbage to create barriers that’ll prevent the influx of more psychic garbage in the future; some of you will be driven by your nightmares to generate bright blessings; and some of you will turn your most acute pain into your hottest inspiration.

And I nearly missed this at the bottom:
HOMEWORK: Homework: For five minutes, visualize the best possible thing that could happen to you in 2003. Then spend an hour carrying out a task that’ll lead to the best possible thing actually occurring. Tell me about it if you like by going to and clicking on “Email Rob.”

I’ve gotten in the habit of looking at my loves’ sun signs, as well. I got incredibly excited about this one for goddessinga:
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): In the future, it won’t be the material treasures you accumulate that will win you the most bragging points. It won’t be the important people you know or the deals you’ve swung or the knowledge you’ve amassed or your mate’s attractiveness. No, what will be most boast-worthy in the world
to come will be your success in wrestling your shadow—how thoroughly you can tame the ignorant, flawed, selfish aspects of your own nature. Each of us is given an equal share of that leaden stuff, but some are more relentlessly ingenious in transmuting it into gold. And it’s now prime time for you, Leo, to make rapid
progress towards mastering that powerful magic.

This one, for sambear, made me wonder about next week’s court date:
CANCER (June 21-July 22): Upon completing *The Book of Ephraim,* Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Merrill believed he’d finished writing about the rejuvenation of his spiritual life, which had been unfolding for several years. But he was wrong. When he and a friend picked up the ouija board soon thereafter,
Merrill was given notice that he had more to do. “3 OF YOUR YEARES MORE WE WANT,” barked the ouija spirits, who apparently dwelt in a realm with odd spelling rules and no lowercase. “WE MUST HAVE / POEMS OF SCIENCE THE WEORK FINISHT IS BUT A PROLOGUE.” If you consulted the ouija
board right now, Cancerian, I bet you’d channel a comparable message concerning your own path. Here’s my prediction: A labor of love you expected to climax soon will ask you — perhaps even command you — to give it more time.

And finally, for greyknight:
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In the coming week, steep yourself in the sounds of gossamer melodies as much as possible, preferably while bathing in soft, golden light and sipping hot, sweet tea. Move and think and read slowly in the safest places you know while exulting quietly in the soothing touch of velvet or cashmere next to your skin. In February you can careen wildly out to the edges of reality, bedecked in vivid accessories and on the prowl for delightful upheavals; but for now devote yourself to the cultivation of luminous, murmuring pleasures that comfort you all the way down to the bottom of your life.

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