Who Owns the Music?

Okay, sam­bear’s post got me to thinking…

I real­ly like what Elise Witt says in her work­shops about this busi­ness of how music is sup­posed to be, what’s good, who can make music, etc.

As recent­ly as the 1920s and ’30s, it was absolute­ly nor­mal for Amer­i­can fam­i­lies to have a piano and to gath­er around it to make music. Play­ing and singing well were val­ued, certainly—but not vital. Mak­ing the music togeth­er was the point. You know the open­ing to the TV show All in the Fam­i­ly? Yeah, peo­ple real­ly did that.

As radio and then TV real­ly per­me­at­ed our lives more, we got less involved in pro­vid­ing our own enter­tain­ment and mak­ing our own music. We heard pro­fes­sion­als with lots of train­ing and the best equip­ment and lots of time to prac­tice mak­ing music instead of doing it our­selves, and we got to think­ing that their way was the “right” way to do it.

And we lost a lot because music was once some­thing peo­ple owned, soci­ety owned, and now it’s some­thing that’s pro­duced, pack­aged and sold right there along­side the design­er dress­es and cars and such.

I was for­tu­nate in that I grew up with an extend­ed fam­i­ly that still gath­ered around a piano and made music togeth­er and in a church that empha­sized music. I was in a church choir from the time I left the nurs­ery ’til I left the church itself, and would still be involved if I were still part of that denom­i­na­tion. My moth­er insist­ed that all of her kids take at least a year of piano lessons, and I def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­at­ed them.

I want to get a piano—I haven’t had much access to one since I left my par­ents’ home. No, I don’t play as well as I did at one time—partially due to lack of prac­tice, and par­tial­ly due to a numb left hand. I fig­ure I’d get a lot bet­ter with reg­u­lar prac­tice, though. I won’t ever be a pro, but I can get back to being “good enough.”

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