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Last night, two raccoons actually knocked on the glass of the door to register their complaints about the lack of critter crunch or peanuts for them. sambear purchased new coon food today and the kids put it out before we had dinner this evening. So now two coons are out there again, eating. And eating. And eating. I think it’s the same pair, although I can’t be sure. Demanding little gits, though.

sambear mentioned getting a watch today. It may not be clear that this is a Big Deal. He hasn’t ever worn a watch in the time I’ve known him, and when I wanted to get one for him he refused to so much as consider wearing one. Lack of watch + ADD = Chronically Late. As in really, severely late at times. Or going out to get one thing at the grocery store and coming home 4 hours and 3 stores later with stuff bulging out of the car.

I’ve gotten so accustomed to the fact that if he leaves here on a day when we’re supposed to be entertaining, he will NOT get home before the guests arrive. And then he’ll have no idea that he’s been gone that long. So I absolutely hate to see him leave the property at all on those days. Yes, this has become a major pet peeve for me.

And I don’t like to do anything that even seems clingy or nagging or anything, so I don’t like to point out that history says it’s a bad idea for him to leave the house on those days. Or stop on the way home from work on gaming night, either. I feel absolutely mortified when I’m sitting here with a room full of gamers, waiting for the GM to get home from work so we can play. And when it’s some other event—well, he’s the sociable one. He’s the extrovert. He usually knows whoever has been invited much better than I do, and if he doesn’t he’s just better at dealing with new people. I’m more reluctant to plan things here due to the possibility that no, he might not be here to greet people.

I’m hoping that maybe the watch will lead to a more “right now” sense of time so that it isn’t a problem anymore. Or, at least, not as much of a problem.

I started reading Kushiel’s Dart this evening. It’s a bit unsettling so far.

I had tried reading Forge of the Elders by L. Neil Smith first, since I’d read the prequel years ago when it came out. It wasn’t my favorite book by any means, but it wasn’t bad, and I didn’t like not knowing the end of the story. He waited too bloody long to finish it, though. And ever since his lighter, shorter books, he’s just gotten too happy with his soapbox. I absolutely could not even get into the first chapter. I found that I had absolutely no interest in these characters, this story, this situation—he’s just too heavy-handed with his agenda.

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