Tech Happies and Frustrations

1) I have MY cell number back, after much back and forth with Metro PCS. Yay! If you left any text or voice mail messages in the last few weeks, though, they’re gone. Goddess knows I wouldn’t have listened to the VM anyway if there were bunches of messages. (I hate VM, really.)

2) I have a shiny new cell phone to use with it.

3) I haven’t actually learned much about it yet. I’m not a twelve o’clock flasher, but with things like phones, I usually learn just enough to use them to my satisfaction. If it were Sam’s, he would have already put in all the numbers, associated special ring tones AND graphics with each, and emailed photos to all of you. 🙂

4) I’m the proud owner of a slightly-used laptop. sambear didn’t really have to twist my arm to get me to buy it. I have needed one, and it is FAR easier to sit in bed or in the comfy recliner to do things like homework than to sit at any desk.

5) I did a completely new installation of its OS (XP Pro), but wasn’t on the network yet and couldn’t immediately join the NT (Samba) domain. It just will not let me do so. Nope, not gonna.

That is highly annoying, as the only way I can copy the files from my old PC is to log into the domain so I can get to the shared hard drive. The current PC runs Win2KPro, and it won’t let anyone access the files any other way.

I don’t really want to have to burn the files to DVDs or CDs to get them to the new PC. Then there’s the fact that I can’t use the shared printers if I’m not in the domain. Blah.

I’ve found some info on the net that seems to indicate that my use of an external DNS might be contributing to the problem. Then there are the posts about using lmhosts. I don’t have the brain to figure it out tonight, though.

6) I find it interesting that the laptop doesn’t have a floppy drive, but it does have an SD card slot. Our PDAs and cameras use those, and they hold MUCH more than floppy disks do. They aren’t nearly as backward compatible, though, which ends all possibilities of sneakernet (without a serious little dance of transfers, anyway).

7) I’m not EVEN going to get into tales about our attempts to go wireless. Not yet, anyway.

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