This post was so neg­a­tive that I decid­ed that I must find some­thing some­what pos­i­tive to bal­ance every negative.

Pos­i­tive: Cob­b’s library web­site lets me ask it to noti­fy me when they get in new mate­ri­als by par­tic­u­lar authors or sub­jects. I love it! I added LOTS of things to my noti­fi­ca­tion list today.

Neg­a­tive: Mur­phy is still my patron saint. I had two impor­tant busi­ness phone calls sched­uled in a six-hour block of time. They called, one on the house line and one on the cell phone, with­in two min­utes of each other.

Pos­i­tive: I man­aged the jug­gling and both calls were com­plet­ed sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly. In fact, one may lead to improve­ment in a very impor­tant situation.

Neg­a­tive: My PDA still won’t sync unless I hold it in its cra­dle very firmly.

Pos­i­tive: Pal­mOne says they’re send­ing me an “engi­neer-inspect­ed PDA” this time. Those are sup­pos­ed­ly the crème de la crème.

Neg­a­tive: I do believe I’m not going to speech class today. I sim­ply can­not han­dle sit­ting there being tor­tured by stu­pid­i­ty. I fear an outburst.

Pos­i­tive: That gives me more time to clean the house.

Neg­a­tive: I have lots of things to do to get ready for guests tonight.

Pos­i­tive: We’re hav­ing some mar­velous peo­ple over for din­ner and music.

Neu­tral: I need to go to the post office to see what on earth the bunch­es of cer­ti­fied let­ters they’re hold­ing are about—there was a list of about 10 num­bers on the notice on the door!

Pos­i­tive: I’m caught up on my lit class assignments.

Neg­a­tive: Still absolute­ly no grades or feed­back from the lit­er­a­ture pro­fes­sor. Grrr.

Neg­a­tive: I’m read­ing the com­pi­la­tion Sun­glass­es After Dark Mid­night Blue by Nan­cy Collins. It’s incred­i­bly dark, but fas­ci­nat­ing for some reason—like watch­ing a train wreck.

Pos­i­tive: The book suits my mood.

Neg­a­tive: I’m hurt­ing, and that’s normal.

Pos­i­tive: I’m not hurt­ing any more than usual.

Neg­a­tive: There are new ten­ants upstairs. They have what Sam calls “a rid­ing dog.” It is very active and galumphs around at all hours, VERY LOUDLY.

Pos­i­tive: The new peo­ple include a home­schooled 13-year-old. The old ten­ants were home­school­ers, too. We meet more and more of us. And we’ll be mov­ing soon, anyway.

Neg­a­tive: I find most of my class­mates at school to be dis­con­cert­ing­ly mun­dane, resis­tant to any attempt at dis­cus­sion, and most­ly of the “will this be on the test?” variety.

Pos­i­tive: The school is start­ing a pre-law pro­gram, which inter­ests me.

I should be very up since I’ll be see­ing some of my favorite peo­ple and enjoy­ing good food and music tonight. I feel blank, for some rea­son. I’ve been out of sorts for the past few days and try­ing to avoid unleash­ing the inex­plic­a­ble anger at anyone.

Cur­rent Mood: 😐blank
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