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Three things that scare me
Not being in control of my environment—that’s one of many reasons for hating crowds
Being around people who are out of control (drunks, etc.)

Three people who make me laugh—I’m not including family members

Three things I love—Things? Instead of people, right? Hmm.
The internet. Really—it has changed my life.

Three things I hate
Drama queens
Dirty places
Writing long or deep messages to forums and getting absolutely no response

Three things I don’t understand
How G can cover the floor of her room with junk in about 37 seconds
The appeal of any spectator sports
Willful ignorance

Three things on my desk
PDA cradle

Three things I’m doing right now
Writing this
Listening for the dryer to cut off
Avoiding cleaning the living room

Three things I want to do before i die—I’m assuming this means things I haven’t done yet
Marry Sam
See our kids grown, healthy and happy
Live in an intentional community

Three things I can do
Stitch pretty (but useless) things

Three ways to describe my personality
Self-contained (aka introverted)

Three ways to describe my looks
Needs to touch up her hair color

Three things I can’t do
Put on mascara without making a mess

Three things I think you should listen to
Mike Rayburn
Gaia Consort
Carla Ulbrich

Three things I don’t think you should listen to
Most pop music
Shock jocks

Three things I say the most
“Thank you”
“I love you”
“What ARE you doing?”

Three of your absolute favourite foods
Cheese grits
Fettuccine Alfredo chicken

Three things you’d like to learn
To sew
To dance
To keep the house uncluttered

Three beverages you drink regularly
Ice water
Suisse Mocha
Mike’s Hard Lemonade—not really “regularly” but it was the only other thing I could think of. I might have one a month, at most.

Three shows you watched when you were a kid
Space Giants
The Monkees

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