Quotes & Performance & Family, Oh My!

Two interesting quotes today:

It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars.
–Garrison Keillor

Ain’t that the truth?

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.

I got lots of value for the time spent this evening at the Trybalaka performance.

The performance itself was a bit rough. We had three people out and competing with the traffic noise was difficult at times. But it’s good to have done it, and every experience makes us that much better. I look forward to the next performance with ALL of us there. I seem to be getting sambear‘s whatever-it-is, though, and my voice cracked several times. Ick.

I met lotsa people! keiracaitlyn and lunamoonsong and, um, I know there were other people I met for the first time who are probably on LJ and now I’m going blank. But they were there, and I enjoyed it. And we saw goddessinga and greyknight too 🙂 And K’La—is she on LJ? What about Tara? arrowstar and her daughter were there, as well. And justcallmeacorn. I know I’m forgetting other folks. I’m sorry. I’ll grovel.

real_pochacco and littlefirefae were there with us. They hied themselves off with arrowstar‘s daughter S right after the performance to sit at the back of the coffee shop and talk. I’m sure that was much more entertaining than hanging out with the old people 🙂

As we left, I told sambear that the marvelous hugs we get whenever we’re around Trybalaka members could damn near pull me out of introvert status. They do make it much easier to leave home!

There was a DARLING baby named Mercedes in the audience—I wish I had a picture! Such a beauty! You would not believe her hair—all curly and thick and black and incredibly soft. Her parents were Nina and Joe and Greg (I hope that’s right) was with them but I wasn’t clear as to whether he was *with* them so I don’t know if he’s a parent, too. They seemed like nice folks, in any case.

rasilio and _starrgirl_ and family left for home earlier today. The house feels all empty now. Their babies have grown so much, and Jackson—oh my! He’s talking up a storm and is so very sweet and cuddly, even more so than before! They couldn’t fit their baby bed in the car, so here it stays. Those of you with babies have absolutely no excuse for not visiting, see?

I want a baby. I do. I want a baby.

I miss shadowkatt so, so very much. I know, everybody is tired of hearing that. She should, however, be home tomorrow evening! She’ll probably want to sleep for days, though—she’s always very worn out after a trip.

The other day sambear picked up something called, I think, “Ticky Tak” for use in hanging up stuff on the walls of littlefirefae‘s room. I know it said “Super Glue” somewhere on the packaging. It claimed to be everything you’d want in an adhesive for hanging up stuff—won’t hurt the wall or the picture, is reusable, very easy, very cheap, etc. While it might have been those things, its actual adhesion left a great deal to be desired. We switched to 3M Command Strips and they, as usual, worked very nicely. She’s got all but one of the things she wanted to be hung up, and that last one is on the floor being flattened by large books after being rolled up for quite a while.

curiousmay9 is coming over tomorrow. That’s always a delight. And we’re going to be productive. Really! We got the parts to fix the on/off switch for the ceiling fan in the living room, and she may be able to help install it. Those of you who have shivered under the fan we can’t turn off should be happy. I know I am.

I just realized something—sambear is going to work tomorrow. He’s finally well enough, yay! And R and G will be going to school, barring unforeseen problems. So until curiousmay9 gets here, I’ll have the house to myself. Wow.

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