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We’ve been receiving copies of Home for a while now. I don’t know why. Sometimes magazines just start coming. As long as they don’t come with unexpected invoices, I don’t really worry about them.

Anyway, this thing is really dangerous. I haven’t read a single article, but I just picked it up and skimmed it last night, and apparently, I’m very susceptible to this particular sort of advertising. I want those between-the-glass window blinds with the remote control. No dusting! No loose cords to endanger babies! And that Continuum water heater that claims that you’ll never run out of hot water again and pay half as much to heat the water? I’m there. I’ve been lusting after my very own carpet steam cleaner for several years, and now I want the Hoover FloorMATE too, for scrubbing hard floors. There’s a washer/dryer set that looks wonderful. And I won’t even start drooling over the storage stuff, or fixtures, or furniture. That’s in the first 20 or so pages!

I don’t think I should be allowed to see this kind of magazine after we buy a house. That would just be too tempting because right now I’m largely resisting because this is just a rental home. (Okay, that and lack of money.)

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