We’re moved!

Mostly, anyway 🙂

We didn’t have a net connection here until today, so we’ve been out of touch with much of our normal world. I’ve tried to remember to call or send emails to people with our new phone number and address, but I know I’ve forgotten lots of people. Let me know if you’re one of them, okay?

We spent our first night here Sunday, thanks to lots of help from our wonderful family and friends. goddessinga and greyknight came down with son and I deviously made them stay the night so we could get in more visiting time 🙂 copperscale‘s husband and son were incredible, as were redcrow and his son. And curiousmay9 continues to rock our world in more ways than I can say!

I did, however, feel as though I might have slipped into an alternate universe today. I spoke to both a tech support and a customer service person at BellSouth and BOTH of them were clueful and friendly and helpful. They actually escalated the issue to people who could help me as soon as they realized that they couldn’t do so. Jim, the customer service guy, then checked in with me every hour until the DSL line was in fact working properly. I am writing a real snail mail letter to BellSouth because today’s experience was just so completely different from what I’ve come to expect when calling almost any kind of company—ESPECIALLY an ISP—that I definitely want to encourage them to reward these people!

Fitting a house full of stuff into an apartment, even a four-bedroom apartment with marvelous huge closets, is not easy. We’re not quite there yet. In fact, we need to finish bringing stuff over on Saturday morning and plan to celebrate that achievement by hitting the pool afterward. The pool has been a lovely thing. I anticipate much more use of it the whole time we live here.

Despite sambear‘s attempts to keep me from overdoing it, I did. Big surprise, huh? And now I have the pain flare from hell. It’s never been this bad before—I’m just falling down randomly due to muscle spasms. I do have an appointment to see my rheumatologist tomorrow, but I’ve missed classes Friday, Tuesday, and today. Tomorrow isn’t looking very likely at the moment. Walking is rather vital to the whole getting from place to place thing, you know? I’m also doing lots of dropping things. I hate drinking from plastic cups because everything tastes funny, but I fear I may have to switch to them.

Shelley is not happy with the move. That isn’t really surprising—I’ve yet to see any cat happy about moving. Grumpy grumpy grumpy. She is staying within a few feet of me most of the time, unless shadowkatt is here and sedentary. Happily, she’s sleeping with Katie again instead of yowling at our door. Neither Sam nor I were sleeping well with the cat in the room. We sleep with our door closed, and Shelley invariably wants to go in or out at least once or twice during the night. She is happy about not having stairs, but she keeps looking for the door to the deck.

I’m thrilled about not dealing with stairs. Absolutely ecstatic. And the shorter drive to school—yes! Yay! We’re really, really close to copperscale and family now, and people like cybrcat are much closer than before.

There’s a hyperactive three-year-old in the apartment upstairs. His family is pretty nice, and they also have a homeschooled daughter Katie’s age. They keep very, very odd hours, which means lots of running back and forth and thumping at very late hours. Sam is being his patented astonishingly nice self and getting to know them. Things are a bit better already.

I think the kids’ bedrooms here are a little bigger than the ones at the old house. I know their closets are MUCH bigger. Our bedroom is a bit smaller than the other one, but our bathroom and closet are lovely. I am definitely loving that garden tub. I miss the high ceilings in the old house, though. And I’ll probably miss the fireplace come fall. Can’t have everything, though 🙂

We have basic cable here. We didn’t sign up for cable. I need to call and find out whether or not there’s going to be a bill showing up or something, since we don’t watch TV enough to justify spending money on it.

The financial aid thing still hasn’t been straightened out. Between school stuff, pain, and the moving chaos, “I can only conclude that I must be paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate.”

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