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Why do we have a reverse-911 system, if the county won’t use it to tell us things like, “Hey, we had a water main break and you need to boil your water before using it.”

We’ve had so many water main breaks in the last year that I’m glad we don’t drink tap water, anyway (even with boiling, it tastes nasty to me). We do cook with it, though.

Oh–I guess since we don’t have (or want) a landline, they wouldn’t call us anyway, would they? It seems to me that cell phones should be included somehow, based on the address on the account or where you are when an alert goes out, or something. Since more and more people don’t bother with landlines, that’s a significant issue.

So, yeah, boiling water ’til Wednesday afternoon at the very least. I’m glad I looked at the local newspaper’s website!

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6 thoughts on “County Blah

  1. Sometime a couple of years ago, one afternoon I got several calls in a period of 1/2 an hour that our water was going to be cut off and that we’d be under a boil warning. It was from the City of Atlanta. It would have been great warning except that I’m on Dekalb County water and that I didn’t get 10 calls in that short period. :p

  2. That’s weird. I wonder if Dekalb gets water from Atlanta or something?

    I realized after writing the post that the water people certainly have our phone numbers, so they could easily set up a system to call people in affected areas.

  3. Well, that could easily be done, with a computer, a software application, and an automated calling system…

    HOWEVER…That would make sense, be practical as well as economical, and make life easier on people…

    and who wants THAT?

  4. I hear ya on the water thing. We get the boil-water notices BY MAIL usually days after the order is over. We had our very first ever reverse 911 call the other day about a missing woman with Alzheimer’s. I kinda wish they’d do them for Amber alerts too.

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