Teens & Our Friday Afternoon

First – shadowkatt and mayremi—check out notinschool. It’s a new community for homeschooled teens.

LJ-less C and N are in the living room with shadowkatt. sambear is finishing up something pertaining to whatever RPG they’re playing.

Katie and I went to get her allergy shots today and learned that the allergist’s office closes at noon on Fridays. Since we were forced to do *something* else, I surprised her by going to the huge Goodwill store on Hwy. 92. Then we went to Plato’s Closet, which is a consignment store that just carries “teen fashions.” That one is nicely located near Starbucks, so I was able to relax and read while she shopped.

We headed over to Barnes & Noble, where I was thrilled to find the latest Liaden novel, Balance of Trade. We went and got the key for the Castle copied, and ended up with two small pots of lavender and a hanging basket of purple wandering Jew that I believe to have been cross-pollinated with kudzu. It is literally impossible to find the bottom of the pot.

I had intended to bring Katie and Sam home, then go back out to check out window treatments. I was too tired, though, partially because I didn’t take meds with me and therefore missed a dose of painkillers. I may just go to bed early now.

Tomorrow we’re going to see curiousmay9 and then mique_mique (After WAY WAY TOO LONG!), so I’ll need my rest.

I need to go get a new copy of the DMC color card. I can’t find either of mine (and I have two from different years!) and there’s a new one out, anyway, including all the latest colors. I can actually say that I NEED it, really! Because that’s the easiest way for me to find something that exactly matches things like curiousmay9‘s couch when I’m picking out paint and window treatments and the like. Maybe I’ll get to run by Joann or Michael’s for that (I don’t think Nease’s carries them—but maybe I should check with her first, just in case).

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