I’ve seen this all over the place, so I can’t real­ly cred­it where I got it: If there is some­one on your friends list who makes your world a bet­ter place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) with­out the inter­net, then post this same sen­tence in […]

Favor & Road Trip Report

Any­one local who has some time free this week, would you please drop me a line at Thanks :-) sam­bear, shad­owkatt and I spent that guy’s birth­day in Charleston, and thanks to the most hug­gable and gen­er­ous hlyn­na and pope­fe­lix. We are now the proud own­ers of Uncle Aber­nathy, our very own land yacht. He’s […]

Which Do You Prefer?

My fam­i­ly knows quite well that if they want me to com­pre­hend, much less remem­ber, any­thing late­ly, it has to be writ­ten down. I lis­ten to and enjoy sam­bear’s pod­casts, but I have to get rid of all oth­er input because I can’t han­dle any oth­er input at the same time. I learn best via text. […]

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