Big Surprise — Rich Guys Say Rich People Are All-Around Better Than Poor People!

A friend, Kather­ine Shec­o­ra, post­ed a link to an arti­cle on Dave Ram­say’s site about 20 Things the Rich Do Every Day along with her own excel­lent com­men­tary. I start­ed to com­ment on her post, but my remarks got so long that Face­book would­n’t let me post the com­ment. Then I was going to write […]

Who do you trust with your children?

I keep see­ing news sto­ries about kids dying in day­care or at the hands of oth­er peo­ple to whom their par­ents have entrust­ed them, and every time there is so much shock and rage as if peo­ple can’t believe it’s hap­pen­ing. I am so tired of it. Pay atten­tion!  How many of the peo­ple in […]

Abortion is NOT related to FMS!

I detest igno­rant big­ots. And I absolute­ly con­sid­er the fol­low­ing hate speech. From So like an HPV diag­no­sis in some­one would almost guar­an­tee that oth­ers would know the per­son­’s poten­tial morals or lack there­of, and HIV almost always denotes a gay man, a diag­no­sis of fibromyal­gia could poten­tial­ly indi­cate a woman who has aborted […]

Um, No, That Isn’t What the Password is “S’posed to Be”

My school “upgrad­ed” its Ora­­cle-based stu­dent records man­age­ment sys­tem weeks ago. I know that it is Ora­­cle-based because ever since the “upgrade,” every time I try to access my “stu­dent por­tal” (my pri­ma­ry means of inter­act­ing with the school, as an online stu­dent), I get an “Ora­cle Site Builder” page. Since the actu­al class­es are […]

Insomnia Alert

I can’t sleep. I have a 7 am appoint­ment, and I’m wide awake. Love­ly. That does­n’t explain the zil­lion posts I made ear­li­er today, which may be a per­son­al record. Being awake is the excuse for this one, though. We had an appoint­ment for Shel­ley to see the vet at 5 pm, so at about […]


I am call­ing bull­shit I’ve nev­er encoun­tered any actu­al sur­vivor of child abuse who finds the sub­ject amusing—even if it’s called “slash” or “fan fic.” Those who post­ed the “HP Hard­core” Valen­tines fea­tur­ing adult/child sex­u­al rela­tions? Where the fuck is your sense of taste? Sense, peri­od? Some of the peo­ple who post­ed them have made a […]


(This is large­ly the same thing that I post­ed to non­fluffy­pa­gans ear­li­er today. I’m not sure that some of you who would prob­a­bly be inter­est­ed read the com­mu­ni­ty, though.) Some­one for­ward­ed Raven Gri­mas­si’s A Call for Need­fire to the Bor­der Pagans list today. I doubt my response will be post­ed on the list—it has­n’t come […]

It IS “More Wrong”

I’ve seen peo­ple (includ­ing some I like and respect) com­par­ing the abuse of pris­on­ers at Abu Ghraib after the US took con­trol of the prison with the treat­ment the Iraqis faced under Sad­dam Hus­sein’s rule. They keep say­ing that because it was­n’t “nor­mal” for the abuse to hap­pen, and because there were few­er peo­ple abused […]

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