Insomnia Alert

I can’t sleep. I have a 7 am appoint­ment, and I’m wide awake. Lovely.

That does­n’t explain the zil­lion posts I made ear­li­er today, which may be a per­son­al record. Being awake is the excuse for this one, though.

We had an appoint­ment for Shel­ley to see the vet at 5 pm, so at about 4 I asked the idjits if they’d need to get in the house again. They said they were about to leave.

Huh? They’d hard­ly been in the house or attics at all. They’d been out­side on lad­ders and the roof, but not actu­al­ly IN the attics. There’s no way they could ful­fill the scope of work with­out doing so.

“Are you com­ing back tomor­row?” I asked, think­ing about the appoint­ments Katie and I have all over town on Thursday.

“Nope, we’re done.”

Idjit 1 brings me a work order to sign. It does­n’t cov­er some of the stuff I know curiousmay9 men­tioned. I did­n’t see a writ­ten esti­mate, so I was­n’t total­ly sure of what had been includ­ed in the esti­mate. I did, how­ev­er, know that what­ev­er they’d done was­n’t enough. In the “cus­tomer rec­om­men­da­tions” area, idjit 1 report­ed advis­ing us to cut down the trees, stop feed­ing the birds, and do a bunch of stuff that they were already con­tract­ed to do.

I insist­ed that they go up into the attics to find the source of the cur­rent icky smell. Idjit 1 informed me that they checked for dead crit­ters on their first vis­it when they gave us the quote for all this work. Fine. That was weeks ago. Get back up there!

They also tried to claim that idjit 2 had removed a dead rac­coon from the attic dur­ing that vis­it. Bull­shit. curiousmay9 and rid­inrab­bit took care of the car­cass sev­er­al days before these guys were ever on the property.

When they did final­ly go up, they did­n’t go into one area at all. They just entered the two places eas­i­ly acces­si­ble by drop-down lad­ders. They sprayed their “deodor­iz­er” around a bit, too. That stuff stinks!

Idjit 1 did acknowl­edge that some­thing smelled like a dead crit­ter. He then informed me that there was a dead rat in the entry­way wall.


We’ve nev­er seen one rat or mouse. We haven’t seen drop­pings or oth­er signs of them. If they’re in the attics, why the hell would­n’t they be in the house? Dog and cat food avail­able 24/7 has to be rat heav­en, yes?

Idjit 1 informed me that rats and mice would­n’t enter the house prop­er because of the cats and dog.

That sound you heard around 4:20? Blame idjit 1 for mak­ing a state­ment that pegged my BS meter.

Sup­pos­ed­ly, the only way to locate this hypo­thet­i­cal corpse is to start knock­ing holes in walls ’til we see or smell it. Nobody likes sheetrock repairs enough to try that if there’s any oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ty.curiousmay9 is fair­ly sure that the dead rodent, what­ev­er species it may be, is in the bitch-to-access scant bit of attic above the entry­way. I think she’s prob­a­bly right.

I knew that I was argu­ing with inad­e­quate infor­ma­tion, and I had to leave. I called in the big gun. 

With­in min­utes, curiousmay9 was on the phone with the com­pa­ny’s office explain­ing the facts of busi­ness life. They’re to return and com­plete the con­tract­ed work to her sat­is­fac­tion by the day of her return to town, or they don’t get paid.

We aren’t actu­al­ly going to be here to allow them to work in that time, but I sup­pose that’s their prob­lem to deal with since they already screwed up so badly.

I’m fair­ly sure that they’re assum­ing they can cruise through any “cus­tomer inspec­tion” of their work because so few peo­ple are actu­al­ly going to crawl around in the attic or climb a lad­der at lots of points around the house to check up on things. They’re wrong this time. Oh, so very wrong.

I haven’t even told curiousmay9 about the cig­a­rette butts in the yard and dri­ve­way, since I did­n’t know about them when I spoke with her. That bit has me ready to demand that the idjits walk around and pick up every damned one of the things. Foul creatures!

I wish there were a not-tacky way to sig­ni­fy imme­di­ate­ly to all com­ers that tobac­co is unwel­come on our prop­er­ty. Of course, even if we had post­ed a big “no smok­ing” sign, prece­dent says these guys would have ignored it.

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