Poetry: The Phenomenology of Shopping

The Phe­nom­e­nol­o­gy of Shop­ping –Ali­son Hawthorne Dem­ing From Genius Loci Fax it to me he said and I said I will though it meant since I was liv­ing in a cab­in on the coast dri­ving to town and chat­ting with the innkeep­er for an hour because that is the neigh­bor­ly rhythm of a small town and since I had already disrupted […]


Dear Self: Do not go back to the rheuma­tol­o­gist with­out curiousmay9 or sam­bear. In fact, don’t go see any spe­cial­ist for any­thing but a rou­tine check-in with­out one of them. You’ll get too tired to think straight and for­get things or not get your point across. Love, Me After sev­er­al months of try­ing to see […]

Poetry: Visit With the Newlyweds

Vis­it with the New­ly­weds –Rebec­ca McClana­han From Mrs. Hou­di­ni, Poems of Rebec­ca McClana­han She does not know how white her neck, or how naked. He can­not pass her with­out touch­ing. It is sum­mer, their cot­ton clothes soft as gauze. The rel­a­tives have giv­en gifts they will grow into. Chi­na teacups. Glass birds. A clock with a sec­ond hand. I have […]

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Evic­tions from pub­lic hous­ing near Start­ing Fri­day, the Atlanta Hous­ing Author­i­ty will begin evict­ing ten­ants who are not work­ing, in school or in a work force train­ing pro­gram.… The author­i­ty, which began noti­fy­ing res­i­dents about the new rule last fall, said it is try­ing to end con­cen­trat­ed pover­ty by encour­ag­ing pub­lic hous­ing ten­ants to become more […]

Three Hours, Not Three Days

Boffins cre­ate zom­bie dogs SCIENTISTS have cre­at­ed eerie zom­bie dogs, rean­i­mat­ing the canines after sev­er­al hours of clin­i­cal death in attempts to devel­op sus­pend­ed ani­ma­tion for humans. US sci­en­tists have suc­ceed­ed in reviv­ing the dogs after three hours of clin­i­cal death, paving the way for tri­als on humans with­in years. Pitts­burgh’s Safar Cen­tre for Resus­ci­ta­tion Research has […]

Dying for Ikea?

I’ve real­ly been look­ing for­ward to vis­it­ing Ikea after their Atlanta store opens this week if only to see what all the fuss is about.  I had no idea that it was such a to-do, though. The Atlanta police have a spe­cial traf­fic plan for open­ing day! They want to avoid prob­lems that have hap­pened with store […]

On the Other Hand

Supreme Court rules against file swap­ping Y’all bet­ter learn to use Bit­Tor­rent! The Supreme Court has hand­ed movie stu­dios and record labels a sweep­ing vic­to­ry against file swap­ping, rul­ing that peer-to-peer com­pa­nies such as Grokster could be held respon­si­ble for the copy­right pira­cy on their net­works. In a unan­i­mous deci­sion issued Mon­day, the nine justices […]

Good News

Supreme Court bars Ten Com­mand­ments at cour­t­hous­es The deci­sion does­n’t go as far as I’d like, but it’s progress! Tues­day, June 28, 2005; Post­ed: 5:40 p.m. EDT (21:40 GMT) WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court strug­gled in a pair of 5–4 rul­ings Mon­day to define how much blend­ing of church and state is con­sti­tu­tion­al­ly permissible, […]

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