I’m late in wishing a sweet little princess a happy birthday. Maggie, I know you had a great day yesterday. I hope every day of the year is just as fun. Happy Birthday today to gregknight 🙂

Music Thoughts

I need to find local filkers who like a cappella music and can sing melody or harmony, as appropriate. Okay, they also need to be willing to work up some songs with me. They aren’t original, though, so most people…

Of Course

The fax failed when I sent the transcript request to Southern Poly. Why? They’ve changed all their phone numbers, but haven’t updated 99% of the pages on their website. Somehow, I am completely unsurprised.


Southern Poly has FINALLY gotten my transcript corrected. Let’s just pray that it stays that way. I put in the request to have that transcript sent to the new school. It’s the last bit of information they need for admissions.…

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