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I had a very annoy­ing phone con­ver­sa­tion today, which pro­voked a let­ter of complaint.

I’ll keep this to friends-only for now, but if they don’t make nice and respond in good time, I’ll be talk­ing to South­ern Voice and mak­ing pub­lic posts.

Resur­gens Orthopaedics

I called your prac­tice today to make an ini­tial appoint­ment to see Dr. X, after being referred to him by Dr. Y’s office. That should have been a sim­ple thing, and it is with every oth­er med­ical prac­ti­tion­er with which our fam­i­ly does business.

Today, how­ev­er, was dif­fer­ent. Who­ev­er I spoke with to make the appoint­ment spent a ridicu­lous amount of time argu­ing with me, telling me that because my domes­tic part­ner and I are not mar­ried, I could not pos­si­bly be cov­ered under her health insur­ance policy.

As you may be aware, Geor­gia law does not per­mit two women to mar­ry each oth­er. Hap­pi­ly, my part­ner’s employ­er, Big Orga­ni­za­tion, offers domes­tic part­ner ben­e­fits to its employ­ees. My daugh­ter and I are, there­fore, cov­ered by their health insur­ance plan, and we each have ID cards from Insur­er in our own names.

The details of my rela­tion­ship with my part­ner real­ly should not have been your employ­ee’s con­cern, but she refused to sim­ply accept the fact that Insur­er knows that the pol­i­cy­hold­er and I are not mar­ried and that my cov­er­age remains valid.

Had I been a less assertive per­son, I would have hung up and moved on to anoth­er provider. As it is, I very near­ly called Dr. Y’s office to tell them I don’t need to do busi­ness with any­one with such poor­ly trained staff. I decid­ed, how­ev­er, that I would push on, as I have heard good things about your practice.

I do request that you take care of the inad­e­quate train­ing your employ­ees have received. I would like to know when and how you will address that issue.

If this isn’t a train­ing issue, then I must con­sid­er it an exam­ple of big­otry. If that is the case, our fam­i­ly will not be doing busi­ness with you, and we will rec­om­mend that those we know seek ortho­pe­dic care elsewhere.


Cyn­thia L. Armistead

cc: Dr. Y
Big Orga­ni­za­tion’s HR Guru

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