I hate writing something and not getting a response. I’m more interested in dialogue than monologue.

Sam says that my writing voice is very authoritative, making it difficult for people to respond. In fact, he said the style is confrontational, “not leaving the door open for anyone else to suggest anything else.”

Wow. That’s news to me.

In any case, I see writing as expressing my opinions, with facts to support them where appropriate—not as laying down the law!

if I want to simply say what I think, inviting no real discussion, I’ll just publish those words on my website. If I post something to a mailing list, Usenet, or LJ, I’m seeking feedback.

I can certainly handle disagreement. I usually learn more from people who disagree with me, whether I change my mind or not, than from those who agree with my views.

Any suggestions as to how to invite discussion when I post somewhere?

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