Semester Done!

I took my project management final tonight, so I’m done with the semester! Now I’m trying to download the textbook files for next semester, but the ebook server is having issues.

In the meantime, I’m listening to some lovely new music, free and legal, over at TheSixtyOne. I don’t know how Sam found out about the place, but it’s neat.

That’s instrumental, but so far I’ve heard rap (about D&D!), alternative, a cappella, electronic, folk, and rock. If it exists, they’ve got it. Maybe by people you’ve never heard of, but hey, it’s cool!

Please let me know if you want to join, and I’ll send you an invite 🙂 There’s a points system in use on the site, and it’s a pyramid-kinda thing. You don’t lose anything by being referred, but I get points from referring you (and Sam gets points because he referred me).

We had another really great game last night. A while back, my character developed a serious hate for a necromancer archmage and came pretty close to killing him. A representative of the archmage’s council stepped in and got in her way, imprisoning the necromancer (not for all the killing he’d done, but for trying to muck with the economy in a big way). They did have to send my character’s brother-in-law, dammit. I guess they knew she wouldn’t kill him.

Anyway, the council was supposed to do away with the nasty man, but they had some sort of delay, then asked my character to come in and hear an offer the guy made. I/she would have sworn that there was no way at all anybody could convince her to vote against killing him right this minute, destroying his soul, etc. (the method used to execute archmages, especially those who have already cheated death by becoming a lich, does that). Sam gave him leverage that made her/me agree to give him a (brief) chance to redeem himself before he dies. Arrghh! That man!

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