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Confession: Homeschooling is a great excuse for buying cool stuff I wish I’d gotten to play—um, learn—with as a kid. But as our kids outgrow some things, I guess I’ll have to just push them on other people for their kids. Or maybe I could start writing reviews somewhere? There’s an excuse. Right. Because, and yes I know it’s really geeky, I love this stuff.

I’m finding myself REALLY wanting to try out Winston Grammar. I’ve truly despaired of finding a good way to help littlefirefae work on her language mechanics, and this looks like it might be right up her alley. It’s designed to be “multi-sensory” and it sounds intriguing. shadowkatt has no problem with writing with proper mechanics, but could use some drill on formal grammar.

I find it very difficult to buy grammar material from a site that says something is “Designed to give student’s an understanding of the structure of our language and traditional grammar.” So if I buy, it’ll be from someone else.

Magnetic KidWords sound fun, too!

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