He forced shoes on me

Com­fy shoes. The most expen­sive shoes I’ve ever owned. I think it’s telling that I did­n’t take them off as soon as I got into the car. Or into the house. Dear gods, what is the man doing to me? (I am bare­foot now, but then I took off most of the oth­er cloth­ing, too.)

shad­owkatt and her friend C saw The Two Tow­ers while I went out to bat­tle with the bureau­cra­cy some more. Does every­body have this much trou­ble with school? I’m adding one more class at this late date in the ses­sion (one of my class­es ends Tues­day!) to appease the finan­cial aid people.

Any­way, the girls had a good time, and sam­bear scooped them up as soon as they came out so that they could­n’t be hit on by those who don’t under­stand that whole “jail­bait” thing. I could­n’t help think­ing while watch­ing them go in that those two 12-year-olds need a body­guard. cop­per­scale, could I bor­row your boy to look like a prob­a­ble pro­tec­tive broth­er or jeal­ous boyfriend, maybe?

While we were wait­ing for them, we got the afore­men­tioned shoes and some mis­cel­la­neous bits we need­ed for the apart­ment. We also found a thrift shop with teen sizes that is sor­ta like a cheap­er Hot Top­ic. It closed at 8, so we did­n’t get a chance to take the girls there tonight. Katie has real­ly been want­i­ng to go thrift shop­ping. isar­ma, we need pointers!

My hair has been cut and col­ored by the mag­nif­i­cent W again. I’m a red­head for a bit longer. The butch­ery affect­ed by the place that we picked ran­dom­ly for trims while W was out hav­ing a baby will take at least anoth­er few months to grow out com­plete­ly, though. Thank­ful­ly, my hair grows very quickly.

The shoes are part of the whole Cyn­fras­truc­ture plan that Sam has. Did I men­tion the incred­i­ble bag he bought for me? It’s this love­ly thing that feels like leather but isn’t real­ly (no leather smell, so no embar­rass­ing temp­ta­tion to bury my face in it) and it has a tele­scop­ing han­dle and wheels. There are all these dif­fer­ent sec­tions, and should I ever acquire a lap­top com­put­er there’s a spe­cial place for it. I have to say that I already feel bet­ter for not lug­ging that book­bag around on my shoul­der. In fact, I’m not even car­ry­ing a purse any­more. I’m get­ting spoiled. If I don’t need The Bag I just stick things in my pock­ets. If they don’t fit, I prob­a­bly don’t need them. That is a HUGE change from con­stant­ly hav­ing The Mom­my Purse in tow.

Next step in the plan: A good, king-sized mat­tress. And a lap­top com­put­er, which will allow me to do assign­ments while loung­ing in the reclin­er. Both require much more mon­ey than we’ve spent so far, though.

I can’t find a hands-free head­set for my phone that fits. Those round ear­pieces are too damned big to go in my ears. No, really—my right ear feels sore from try­ing to make them fit! I want one of those that go over the ear. But then my glass­es get in the way. I won­der if I could wear con­tacts again if I tried? I don’t have near­ly as much aller­gy trou­ble late­ly as I was hav­ing the last time I tried the con­tact lens thing. Yet more mon­ey, though. But still, if I did­n’t have the glass­es on I could wear my pret­ty ear wrap/stud ear­rings. Not with the the­o­ret­i­cal hands-free head­set, though.

papil­leau made me go read about Virid­i­an Design. Real­ly, it’s his fault I’m not doing my home­work right now.

I need to go get more lab work done tomor­row for the rheuma­tol­o­gist. Oh, joy. Then I take Katie up to crawl around in a cave with the Girl Scouts. Bet­ter her than me 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot—happiness! The head of the SPSU math depart­ment approved the course descrip­tion Agnes Scott sent over for my math course, so I got cred­it for pre­cal­cu­lus! Yay! I don’t have to take ANY more math!

I’ve actu­al­ly con­tem­plat­ed hook­ing up a web­cam on my com­put­er for the first time, like, EVER. This is real­ly weird. I must need a good lie-down. But I’m too hyper. This may be the only time you EVER see that par­tic­u­lar mood icon from me!

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