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Lunar Eclipse

Dur­ing our date, Sam and I saw the full moon, then part of the lunar eclipse. Gor­geous! Katie and her fel­la are out moon-gaz­ing and tak­ing pho­tos.

It was so cloudy ear­li­er that I thought we would­n’t be able to see a thing, but the clouds cleared out as if on a sched­ule.

Lunar Eclipse

Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Pat Hawks

I just want­ed to post a pho­to, by some­one, of the gor­geous eclipse right away. I for­got to take my cam­era out with me, but I’m hop­ing that Katie has some pho­tos to share tomor­row.

2 comments to Lunar Eclipse

  • It was beau­ti­ful from here. I was on the top of a park­ing deck with a bunch of folks from my alma mater 🙂

  • A pho­to can’t even do it jus­tice. Some­thing like a lunar eclipse is so beau­ti­ful, just being there to wit­ness­es it is so much more pow­er­ful than any pho­to could be.