Lunch Break and Moving Update

wordcandlemage came over and packed almost all of the kitchen for us!

I know y’all probably don’t care about these details, but it makes me feel better to see a list of what we’ve gotten done. Our last move was a horrific, chaotic affair. I don’t know what we would have done without ga_sunshine, greyknight, and curiousmay9. redcrow‘s son and copperscale‘s son and husband were also incredibly good to us (as they have been this time).

Books in living room
Books in master bedroom
Books in office
Books in guest room
Stuff in entertainment center
Stuff in end tables
DVDs/VHS Tapes
Craft stuff
Katie’s room – about 50% done – maybe more, since I just learned that 90% of the contents of her closet are already in boxes.
Our room – about 50% done
Master bath cabinets/linen closet
Hall bath cabinets/linen closet
Office supplies
Computer equipment – everything that isn’t currently in use is packed
Artwork (big stuff is gone, little stuff I’m putting in a box)
Hall closet contents
Coat closet contents
Storage room contents (mostly gone – I think there are a few plant pots there now)
Laundry room – klrmn‘s husband is on the way to help get the washer and dryer to their place. (He and sambear have left to take them to their place.) There are two small shelves in the laundry room that just have light bulbs and laundry/cleaning supplies on them.
Gaming table
Three small bookcases
Craft containers

I’ve been gathering every bit of stray paper in the house as I go. They’ve all been taken to a central location to be filed or tossed before the files are boxed up.

I need to refill medicine boxes for all three of us, after which the medicine cabinet can be packed up.

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