Warning: It’s Back

We thought it had been erad­i­cat­ed. That nobody would ever con­sid­er bring­ing it back. That we had, as a soci­ety, learned some­thing. Obvi­ous­ly not. I have just seen the infa­mous “avo­ca­do green” fea­tured in a House Beau­ti­ful lay­out. The crim­i­nal is cur­rent­ly using the name “per­sim­mon.” Remem­ber: Only YOU can pre­vent crimes of taste! Cur­rent Mood: 8‑Oshocked

And Yet More Random Bits!

Atlantis dis­cov­ered? “Sci­en­tists claim to have found the lost city of Atlantis, off the coast of Cyprus. They appar­ent­ly have used sonar to detect the sunken land­mass, and even iden­ti­fy geo­graph­i­cal fea­tures. They seem con­fi­dent, but all the same, I would­n’t go buy­ing Atlant­ian arti­facts on Ebay just yet.” For my writer­ly friends: write­hemi­sphere. Even better, […]

Nibble Nibble Nibble at the News

Have I men­tioned praeter­nat­ur­al? I’m find­ing it fair­ly inter­est­ing. word­can­dlemage, you in par­tic­u­lar might like it. Cat­ti­ness from Mark Kleiman: Giv­en the Pres­i­den­t’s doc­u­ment­ed capac­i­ty to pack enor­mous num­bers of words into tiny amounts of mean­ing, he will prob­a­bly have exhaust­ed six­ty min­utes by the time he fin­ish­es answer­ing the ques­tion, “Where did you go and […]

WebMD Bits

Thou shalt not heat intact eggs in the microwave. This was sur­pris­ing to me: Most Child Drown­ing Vic­tims Ignored: Near­ly 9 in 10 Chil­dren Who Drowned Were Under Super­vi­sion Okay, well, it was sur­pris­ing at first. Then I thought of how few par­ents I’ve seen “active­ly super­vis­ing” their chil­dren around water (or any­where, real­ly), and could­n’t […]


For some rea­son, I’m think­ing about infi­deli­ty again.  No, there has­n’t been any in our rela­tion­ship recently—certainly not that I know of! But once it has hap­pened, it isn’t pos­si­ble to “for­give and for­get.” Any­body who claims to have done so is a liar. For­giv­ing? Yes, that’s pos­si­ble. The for­get­ting isn’t. And it’s always going to be there between […]

Americans Torturing Iraqi Prisoners

Abuse Of Iraqi POWs By GIs Probed G.I.‘s Are Accused of Abus­ing Iraqi Cap­tives U.S. reservists accused of pris­on­er abuse: Six from Mary­land unit are seen in pho­tographs mis­treat­ing Iraqi detainees  Please be aware that the pic­tures at the next link are VERY graph­ic. I lit­er­al­ly threw up. Pic­tures of Iraqis tor­tured by Amer­i­can troops Thanks […]

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