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Thou shalt not heat intact eggs in the microwave.

This was sur­pris­ing to me:
Most Child Drown­ing Vic­tims Ignored: Near­ly 9 in 10 Chil­dren Who Drowned Were Under Supervision
Okay, well, it was sur­pris­ing at first. Then I thought of how few par­ents I’ve seen “active­ly super­vis­ing” their chil­dren around water (or any­where, real­ly), and could­n’t be sur­prised anymore :-(

The kit­ten took swim­ming lessons every sum­mer from the time she was a wee tyke ’til she was about, hmm, 11? She would have been in those infant swim class­es (as my broth­er was), but the talk back in 1991 was that they were Bad. (Trends may have changed now. They do that.) Any­way, I think know­ing that their kids know how to swim may lead some par­ents to great com­pla­cen­cy. You still need to watch them! Nobody, includ­ing adults, is real­ly sup­posed to be swim­ming alone.

State of Amer­i­ca’s Air? Poten­tial­ly Dan­ger­ous: More Than Half of Amer­i­cans Live in Areas With Unhealthy Air Pollution

Atlanta is def­i­nite­ly on the list, of course. In fact, it’s the 7th in the “most pol­lut­ed by par­ti­cle pol­lu­tion” list. Birm­ing­ham is 9th, which sur­prised me ’til I remem­bered my one and only vis­it there many years ago.

That reminds me—I want­ed to research in-car air fil­ters. Car exhaust nau­se­ates the Bear, and isn’t hap­py for me, either.

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