Friday Fun

shad­owkatt left her purse at the mar­tial arts stu­dio last night, so I cru­el­ly forced her out of bed to go with me when sam­bear went to the bus. We’re about halfway to the stu­dio there, so I did­n’t want to come all the way back home to get her. The founder, Grand­mas­ter M, was sweet enough to be there to unlock the door so she could get her purse.

Mom was a bit uncom­fort­able about the kit­ten being the only female in her class­es. I point­ed out that it isn’t going to be unusu­al in that field. She seems to have been adopt­ed as some­thing of a lit­tle sis­ter, from what I’ve watched of her inter­ac­tions with the oth­ers (sam­bear and I sit out­side watch­ing her class­es while we talk about our day or game).

The girl is read­ing over today’s les­son plans now. The assign­ments look pret­ty inter­est­ing to me. I nev­er learned any world his­to­ry or physics in 12 years of pub­lic school, and she’ll be study­ing both for 7th grade. They rec­om­mend a very struc­tured sched­ule of 4–6 hours a day, which is fine with us. We’re going to have to fig­ure out how to leave time for errands/appointments and so on dur­ing the day, though. We might rework it to have more hours of study four days a week, leav­ing a float­ing free day.

We’ve decid­ed to start the lan­guage lessons with French. curiousmay9 and I want to learn Span­ish along­side Katie, and that will be much eas­i­er once we’re liv­ing together.

I haven’t had time to real­ly read much on LJ in the last week. I’ve just delet­ed pret­ty much all mail­ing list mes­sages I’ve received, and haven’t got­ten around to the web­site updates that I need to make. I’ve been ter­ri­bly remiss about list man­age­ment chores, as well. I think I’m going to use the 15-minute timer to alter­nate between house­work, com­put­er-based chores, my school stuff, and Katie’s school stuff.

I’ll be tak­ing the girl up north again tonight for an overnight Girl Scout event. We’ll pick her up in the morn­ing, then we’ll be look­ing at hous­es with king_james again. curioumay9 will be stay­ing overnight, so we’ll do some­thing social in the after­noon. Oh, now I remember—she’s bring­ing DVDs over. I’m going home with her on Sun­day morn­ing to help with some organizing/decluttering. sam­bear and shad­owkatt will be attend­ing the Girl Scout cook­ie meet­ing that after­noon, so I’m hop­ing to sweet talk word­can­dlemage into giv­ing me a ride home.

I’ll prob­a­bly spend Mon­day recov­er­ing from the week­end! I do hope to find time to stitch and work on some designs and a cou­ple of filk songs I’m writ­ing. I must make time for homework.

I have got to make more effi­cient use of my time. I’m still work­ing on fin­ish­ing up some of last semes­ter’s assign­ments. I must make time to go to the Y to work out. I feel a real need to make music with oth­ers on a reg­u­lar basis. And we need to estab­lish a reg­u­lar sched­ule for both the adult D&D cam­paign and the teen In Nomine cam­paign, or we just won’t ever get to play.

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