Friday Fun

shadowkatt left her purse at the martial arts studio last night, so I cruelly forced her out of bed to go with me when sambear went to the bus. We’re about halfway to the studio there, so I didn’t want to come all the way back home to get her. The founder, Grandmaster M, was sweet enough to be there to unlock the door so she could get her purse.

Mom was a bit uncomfortable about the kitten being the only female in her classes. I pointed out that it isn’t going to be unusual in that field. She seems to have been adopted as something of a little sister, from what I’ve watched of her interactions with the others (sambear and I sit outside watching her classes while we talk about our day or game).

The girl is reading over today’s lesson plans now. The assignments look pretty interesting to me. I never learned any world history or physics in 12 years of public school, and she’ll be studying both for 7th grade. They recommend a very structured schedule of 4-6 hours a day, which is fine with us. We’re going to have to figure out how to leave time for errands/appointments and so on during the day, though. We might rework it to have more hours of study four days a week, leaving a floating free day.

We’ve decided to start the language lessons with French. curiousmay9 and I want to learn Spanish alongside Katie, and that will be much easier once we’re living together.

I haven’t had time to really read much on LJ in the last week. I’ve just deleted pretty much all mailing list messages I’ve received, and haven’t gotten around to the website updates that I need to make. I’ve been terribly remiss about list management chores, as well. I think I’m going to use the 15-minute timer to alternate between housework, computer-based chores, my school stuff, and Katie’s school stuff.

I’ll be taking the girl up north again tonight for an overnight Girl Scout event. We’ll pick her up in the morning, then we’ll be looking at houses with king_james again. curioumay9 will be staying overnight, so we’ll do something social in the afternoon. Oh, now I remember—she’s bringing DVDs over. I’m going home with her on Sunday morning to help with some organizing/decluttering. sambear and shadowkatt will be attending the Girl Scout cookie meeting that afternoon, so I’m hoping to sweet talk wordcandlemage into giving me a ride home.

I’ll probably spend Monday recovering from the weekend! I do hope to find time to stitch and work on some designs and a couple of filk songs I’m writing. I must make time for homework.

I have got to make more efficient use of my time. I’m still working on finishing up some of last semester’s assignments. I must make time to go to the Y to work out. I feel a real need to make music with others on a regular basis. And we need to establish a regular schedule for both the adult D&D campaign and the teen In Nomine campaign, or we just won’t ever get to play.

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