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More Financial Aid BS

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Since SPSU has screwed up some­thing in my finan­cial aid each of the semes­ters I’ve attend­ed so far, I start­ed weeks ago, con­tact­ing the finan­cial aid office in an attempt to deal with any prob­lems well ahead of time.

Despite those efforts, I just got a call from some­one in their office. Okay, that’s good—he called me back finally—but that’s because my advi­sor was lean­ing on him (I have men­tioned that I love my advi­sor, right?). 

Sud­den­ly, they’ve pulled a require­ment right out of their ass­es say­ing that I have to have per­mis­sion from the fed­er­al stu­dent aid office to be con­sid­ered full-time while tak­ing a half-time course load due to a doc­u­ment­ed dis­abil­i­ty. The dis­abil­i­ty office has­n’t breathed a word of this in the past. The finan­cial aid office has­n’t men­tioned it at all. It was­n’t a fac­tor in the sum­mer semes­ter when I took a half-time load. But now it is an issue, and there’s absolute­ly no way to resolve it in time to actu­al­ly get the finan­cial aid pay­ment on schedule.

And now they’ve just real­ized that I have to do a spe­cial tran­sient let­ter for the Hope schol­ar­ship stuff.

The finan­cial aid direc­tor is now claim­ing that she’s nev­er talked to me before about the effects of the dis­abil­i­ty accom­mo­da­tions on my finan­cial aid. I spent HOURS in that wom­an’s office dur­ing the sum­mer semes­ter! She wran­gled me into a course for one cred­it hour after the dis­abil­i­ty office said I just need­ed two class­es, which added up to only five hours. She’s the one who said, “you have to take 6 hours.” 

Yes, I have doc­u­men­ta­tion (notes and emails) that she’s got mem­o­ry prob­lems, but they don’t care. They’re edit­ing real­i­ty, it seems.

I can­not begin to tell you how damned close I am to trans­fer­ring to Ken­ne­saw. Deal­ing with Floyd Col­lege’s staff has been a pure joy in com­par­i­son, and if it weren’t for the fact that they’re only a junior col­lege I’d trans­fer there.

If you’re con­sid­er­ing attend­ing South­ern Poly­tech­nic State Uni­ver­si­ty, stop con­sid­er­ing it. Find a col­lege that has more clue­ful staff. Deal­ing with uni­ver­si­ty bureau­cra­cies is bad enough with­out peo­ple who are will­ful­ly ignorant.

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