G and real_pochacco saw their mother and her family this past weekend and had their Christmas celebration with them. G came home loaded with presents—R mostly got cash (which he preferred anyway). G is a MAJOR Sanrio fan, and in fact, anything Japanese just toasts her bread.

Well, there’s this “White/Orange Story” stuff that’s Korean and looks like a Sanrio wannabe brand. She LOVES it. She got bunches of it, stationery and such. and there’s a little diary/notebook thing with pictures and sayings on the edges of the pages. I’ll have to just assume that the sayings make sense in Chinese and they had sucky translators, but this is TERRIBLE. Some things have to be typos—they can’t be translation errors.

“Alwasys remember our friendship. Alwasys remember lovely White.”
Alwasys? Sounds like a hardware company.

The puppy clouds in the sky, the chirping birds and the smilling flowers are as happy as I am!”
Watch those puppy clouds and smilling flowers, y’all!

“Her heart is as pure as the drive snow She wants us all to Know that our dreams” Are what?
Sentence fragments?

“You are best friend…”

“We have no obligations towards life. Our only obligation is happiness.” Okay, it isn’t grammatically wrong. But as a philosophy, it’s downright stupid and dangerous. And of course, it’s the one that’s repeated the most times.

Do any other adults ever read this stuff? I haven’t ever thought to read it BEFORE a kid bought it, and I don’t know that I’ve ever looked at the Sanrio stuff very closely. I’m tempted to go through and red-line it, but I’m settling for pointing out the proper spellings and so on to G for now.

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