I’m sit­ting here in a some­what less-clut­tered sit­ting room, fresh from a love­ly show­er, wait­ing for my man to get home. When he does, we’ll be going back up to the apart­ment one last time.

It’s so nice to have our own sit­ting room right off the bed­room. This is an even bet­ter “nest” than I was able to have in our bed­room! I can go from bed­room to show­er to sit­ting room with nary a wor­ry about cloth­ing, no mat­ter who might be here.

I think all the fur­ni­ture that will be in our suite is here now. The small­er clos­et is going to become a serv­er clos­et, which means it needs more shelves.

The cable TV installer will be here tomor­row. We’re going to have a jack put in here in case we do ever want to put a TV in here. I was think­ing about try­ing to put a TV in the clos­et, so we would­n’t see it unless we want­ed to do so. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, that’s in a place where it could­n’t be seen from the bed. Maybe a rolling cart of some sort? But there is one step down to the bed­room from the sit­ting room, so that might not work so well, either. 

Since we don’t have a TV for this room, it isn’t a major thing right now. We are going to put the stereo that used to be in the liv­ing room in here, though, so I need to find room for it. curiousmay9 has a sur­round sound sys­tem that’s going in this liv­ing room.

With help from run­bun­ny, we moved fur­ni­ture around last night so that the liv­ing room is much more usable. We can even get to one side of the din­ing room table to eat at it! There’s a LOT of seat­ing in the liv­ing room, with two big couch­es, two loveseats, and two arm­chairs. Throw in two ottomans, at least three tables, and an enter­tain­ment cen­ter and you can imag­ine that things are crowd­ed right now. curiousmay9 thinks she should be able to get the floor­ing done next week­end, though. (She’s going out of town this weekend.)

Run­bun­ny and curiousmay9 also widened the laun­dry room door and got the wash­er and dry­er in place. They then dis­cov­ered that the plug on the dry­er does­n’t match the avail­able recep­ta­cle. They got an adapter, but it will require some wiring work to install, so it’ll have to wait ’til curiousmay9 is home from work. I start­ed to wash a load of tow­els and real­ized that the laun­dry sup­plies did­n’t make it here last night.

All of the PCs are here, but not set up yet. We were so exhaust­ed last night that noth­ing was unloaded. My sweet sam­bear unloaded both vehi­cles ear­ly this morn­ing all by his lonesome 🙁

I slept ’til after 12:30, and Katie did­n’t wake ’til 4:30! I’d been awake long enough to take pain meds ear­li­er today, but she was asleep from about mid­night ’til 4:30 pm. Yes, she need­ed every minute of that rest. She’s far bounci­er and in a much bet­ter mood, now.

We did miss my class and Katie’s ortho­don­tic appoint­ment. (sigh) My grades are real­ly going to suck this semes­ter! I’ll deal, obvi­ous­ly. Some­how. I guess this is one way to lose the per­fec­tion­ism, hmm?

Hap­py News: sam­bear stopped at a pay­phone on the way home last night to check in. For some rea­son, he had his Palm key­board in hand. He left it on top of the pay­phone and did­n’t real­ize that ’til he was home. Mir­a­cle of mir­a­cles — he went back sev­er­al hours lat­er and it was still there! YAY!

The drain in our show­er is going to need roto-rooter­ing or some­thing of the sort—it just won’t drain. There’s about 4″ of water stand­ing in it now, despite me hav­ing plunged it repeat­ed­ly. We’ve used Draino. We’ve tak­en out the drain mech­a­nism to check for any­thing clog­ging it (nope). So the next step is to rent a snake and try that.

The show­er is of an odd design. I intend to write more about it when I have a pic­ture to show you.

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