Weird Dreams

I had some of my weirdest dreams ever last night. I mean, seriously way weird. Since I can’t get them out of my head, I decided to share them here hoping they’ll be exorcised.

There were shapeshifters, and I wasn’t one but was around them, then it seemed like I might be killed, so I decided that I was watching this stuff on TV and wham, there I was—it was a soap opera and then the ABC logo came up on the screen with an apology for “network problems” interrupting the feed. giza, who I’ve never met in person, was watching, as was shadowkatt. Then the feed came back on and there was full-frontal nudity, not even in a prurient sense, showing a shapeshifter who’d been savaged in an attack (and the body of his very dead attacker).

Then, somehow, I was at a furry event in (I think) Las Vegas. Dressed in something of a costume. I’ve never even considered doing it, but okay. Again, with giza, who was getting very frustrated with my apparent inability to behave properly. I’m not quite feline enough, apparently. Sorry, Doug! shadowkatt wasn’t with us—I’m sure she would have been more successful in acting feline, but I don’t think she’s quite old enough to run with that crowd, even in my dreams.

Then I was back in shapeshifter land, swimming with orca. No, really. I still wasn’t a shapeshifter, but one of them was and saved my life from the bad guys. Go figure.

These shapeshifters reminded me of the show Wolf Lake and something of Laurell Hamilton’s worlds. They definitely looked down on the mundanes.

Sam says these dreams are tied in to him having mentioned Roy being mauled by a tiger in Vegas. I don’t know how that translated to shapeshifters and furries, though it does work for the Vegas bit.

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