Weird Dreams

I had some of my weird­est dreams ever last night. I mean, seri­ous­ly way weird. Since I can’t get them out of my head, I decid­ed to share them here hop­ing they’ll be exorcised.

There were shapeshifters, and I was­n’t one but was around them, then it seemed like I might be killed, so I decid­ed that I was watch­ing this stuff on TV and wham, there I was—it was a soap opera and then the ABC logo came up on the screen with an apol­o­gy for “net­work prob­lems” inter­rupt­ing the feed. giza, who I’ve nev­er met in per­son, was watch­ing, as was shad­owkatt. Then the feed came back on and there was full-frontal nudi­ty, not even in a pruri­ent sense, show­ing a shapeshifter who’d been sav­aged in an attack (and the body of his very dead attacker).

Then, some­how, I was at a fur­ry event in (I think) Las Vegas. Dressed in some­thing of a cos­tume. I’ve nev­er even con­sid­ered doing it, but okay. Again, with giza, who was get­ting very frus­trat­ed with my appar­ent inabil­i­ty to behave prop­er­ly. I’m not quite feline enough, appar­ent­ly. Sor­ry, Doug! shad­owkatt was­n’t with us—I’m sure she would have been more suc­cess­ful in act­ing feline, but I don’t think she’s quite old enough to run with that crowd, even in my dreams.

Then I was back in shapeshifter land, swim­ming with orca. No, real­ly. I still was­n’t a shapeshifter, but one of them was and saved my life from the bad guys. Go figure.

These shapeshifters remind­ed me of the show Wolf Lake and some­thing of Lau­rell Hamil­ton’s worlds. They def­i­nite­ly looked down on the mundanes.

Sam says these dreams are tied in to him hav­ing men­tioned Roy being mauled by a tiger in Vegas. I don’t know how that trans­lat­ed to shapeshifters and fur­ries, though it does work for the Vegas bit.

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