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In an astonishing development, we actually got up and made it to UU Congregation of Marietta in time for a service today! As an added bonus, we attended a brief CUUPs meeting afterwards. We didn’t stay for the potluck dinner, as we hadn’t brought anything and didn’t want to be freeloaders. Katie really enjoyed RE and I enjoyed the service. I don’t think they have much of a music program, but we’ll see.

We’re trying to figure out how to fit everything we want to do in with the fact that we’d like to be at HOME sometimes! We’re adding regular visits to the YMCA and most likely weekly participation at UUCM to our schedules, and it’s getting terribly full. We want to spend one evening a week with curiousmay9, sambear and I are trying to establish a date night for ourselves, and I think shadowkatt and sambear should follow up last night’s smashing success with regular activities together. Katie and I are, of course, at home much more often than Sam is. We both have academic work, and I have the house to keep up. Sam needs much more writing time than he’s getting, although he’s been great about writing longhand during his commute (getting time to type that stuff in is tricky, though). As Sam has said frequently, he (and I) want a regular gaming group. Katie and her friends want to get together regularly—they’re alternating D&D and In Nomine games, and of course like to do things other than gaming sometimes. Sam and I have talked about taking dance classes (social/ballroom, not the ballet and jazz Katie does).

I’m starting to envy Hermione’s Time-Turner.

This morning I put on an outfit that I haven’t worn in 18 months or so and was very surprised to find that the pants just didn’t fit anymore. I can’t figure out why because while I’ve recently had a 10 lb fluctuation in my weight, I’m certain that I’m heavier than I was 18 months ago. The pants say differently—no matter how tightly I tied their drawstring, they wouldn’t stay on my hips! I have another outfit just like it in another color, and I’ve always liked them. (I had a third, but my sister “helped” me by washing it because she didn’t believe the “dry clean only” label.) They look great and they’re incredibly comfortable. I don’t have that many clothes, because I detest shopping for clothes for myself more than any other sort of shopping. While I didn’t wear those two outfits often, they were reliable for the rare occasions when I want to wear something other than jeans or a dress. I’m disappointed.

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