Silly Wabbit

I run a mail­ing list for pagans who use needle­crafts as part of their spir­i­tu­al prac­tice, Mag­ick­Stitch­es. As with all of the lists I man­age, when some­one asks to join the list, they get an email from Yahoo!Groups explain­ing the list guide­lines, and ask­ing them to send me an intro­duc­tion that will be sent to […]

Learning More About Acrobat

So sam­bear gave me an SD card for my PDA, which led me to rein­stall the Acro­bat read­er on the PDA. And then I decid­ed to put The Fire­Heart Man­i­festo on the PDA, just because I could. Well, Acro­bat warned me that the doc­u­ment was­n’t “tagged.” Of course, I had to go find out what that […]

More On Same-Sex Marriage

Gay mar­riage becomes nation­al debate Some inter­est­ing stuff in there about the his­to­ry of mar­riage in the US and what the Bible actu­al­ly says about marriage/monogamy. The last speech assign­ment this semes­ter is sup­posed to involve a “debate” on some top­ic. I asked the pro­fes­sor if we can pick any­thing that we can find someone […]

Nevada Same-Sex Marriages? And Quotes

I’ve heard that same-sex mar­riages are hap­pen­ing in Neva­da, too, but I can’t find a news sto­ry about it. Any­body got a link? It’s more good news, in any case :-) From dai­ly­dig: Inten­tions, of course, are always good. The worse the fight, the high­er its jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. “Jus­ti­fied” vio­lence is the worst. Unjus­ti­fied vio­lence bursts out of […]

Killing the Buddha

Killing the Bud­dha Killing the Bud­dha Man­i­festo Killing the Bud­dha is a reli­gion mag­a­zine for peo­ple made anx­ious by church­es, peo­ple embar­rassed to be caught in the “spir­i­tu­al­i­ty” sec­tion of a book­store, peo­ple both hos­tile and drawn to talk of God. It is for peo­ple who some­how want to be reli­gious, who want to know […]

Decorating Danger

sam­bear took me to Wal-Mart today to pick up my con­tacts, and we shopped for a bit. He absolute­ly ADORES celes­tial designs, and we were very excit­ed when we found one of those bed-in-a-bag things in the right size on sale. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they felt all scratchy and ucky. :-(  Look­ing at all those paint chip col­ors does dangerous […]

Help Wanted!

My stu­pid con­trary body is espe­cial­ly both­er­some when we need to do things like get­ting a new place ready to live in and actu­al­ly mov­ing there. So I’m toss­ing my pride out the win­dow and ask­ing for help. First, we need: Box­es! Lots of them. Peo­ple who can and will help with paint­ing Any­body who is will­ing to […]

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