It’s a Thursday

A suc­cess­ful mar­riage is an edi­fice that must be rebuilt every day. –Andre Mau­rois It is use­less to attempt to rea­son a man out of a thing he was nev­er rea­soned into. –Jonathan Swift I have traf­fic court today because I’m…


Foo. The new lay­out has about half the entries on my friends’ pages edg­ing out of the bor­der on the left side. I guess I need to get more clue­ful about S2. I’ll hap­pi­ly take point­ers from some­one who already…

Heinlein on Marriage?

noelfi­gart, I’m sure you know this.  I remem­ber Hein­lein say­ing some­thing about the pur­pose of mar­riage being to pre­serve cap­i­tal and pro­vide for off­spring. I can’t find the exact quote. Help, please?

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