Friday Morning Attacks of Randomness

For giggles:
The Yarn Diet

And good news here in Georgia:
Gay Marriage Amendment Rejected

It would seem that I’m not alone in my disgust at the work produced by my classmates:
What The ?!?
Quote from one of the author’s students:
People owned gun to tend increasing killing cases because the uncontrollable temperature personal people especially male easy use gun to shot at their arguing peopel such as Jason Williams case.

Today’s Get Fuzzy certainly has a good point.

The Separation of School and State

For once, a poem that DIDN’T come from The Writer’s Almanac, but from Open Source Politics.
Faith Healer
by John Isbell

He was talkin’ about true love, he was talkin’ about sin.
My silver-haired schoolteachery bank teller does her usual trick
Of inviting me to her Pentecostal service and not showing up.
Last time, it was the Pig Roast, where I sat at the Korean table,
Right next to the black table. But they’re nice people really.
This time, it’s the faith healer, as she didn’t say.
The “God says vote Bush” pastor barely speaks;
His friend from Tennessee, a great speaker, is a man
Amen who abuses that word, and a bit of a showman. The next man
Is remarkable. Twice his breaks or interjections are electrifying.
And he is no showman. Those I know. Then I see
He’s here to heal, as he calls people up. I go,
Finding myself here, with a crowd of old-timers. He moves down the line,
With two to hold your shoulders if you faint,
And a small bottle of ointment. “What is your sickness??”
I tell him, adding “and you have power”, since he clearly does –
What it is I don’t know. Hand on arm and forehead,
And prayer in English and – Aramaic? Inspired gibberish? –
About Satana. A great warm feeling. The crowd
Prays, a susurration of Jesus, before the healing.
The air crackles with Holy Spirit, the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,
Yet He is never thanked, unlike the Quakers,
Who talk of Jesus little. At the piano, the pastor’s wife
Thanks Jesus for being there, while the young man behind me,
Who was crying, thanks me, perhaps for my touch on his foot.
A service worth witnessing. Faith healer.

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