Friday Morning Attacks of Randomness

For gig­gles:
The Yarn Diet

And good news here in Georgia:
Gay Mar­riage Amend­ment Rejected

It would seem that I’m not alone in my dis­gust at the work pro­duced by my classmates:
What The ?!?
Quote from one of the author’s students:
Peo­ple owned gun to tend increas­ing killing cas­es because the uncon­trol­lable tem­per­a­ture per­son­al peo­ple espe­cial­ly male easy use gun to shot at their argu­ing peopel such as Jason Williams case.

Today’s Get Fuzzy cer­tain­ly has a good point.

The Sep­a­ra­tion of School and State

For once, a poem that DIDN’T come from The Writer’s Almanac, but from Open Source Pol­i­tics.
Faith Heal­er
by John Isbell

He was talkin’ about true love, he was talkin’ about sin.
My sil­ver-haired school­teach­ery bank teller does her usu­al trick
Of invit­ing me to her Pen­te­costal ser­vice and not show­ing up.
Last time, it was the Pig Roast, where I sat at the Kore­an table,
Right next to the black table. But they’re nice peo­ple really.
This time, it’s the faith heal­er, as she did­n’t say.
The “God says vote Bush” pas­tor bare­ly speaks;
His friend from Ten­nessee, a great speak­er, is a man
Amen who abus­es that word, and a bit of a show­man. The next man
Is remark­able. Twice his breaks or inter­jec­tions are electrifying.
And he is no show­man. Those I know. Then I see
He’s here to heal, as he calls peo­ple up. I go,
Find­ing myself here, with a crowd of old-timers. He moves down the line,
With two to hold your shoul­ders if you faint,
And a small bot­tle of oint­ment. “What is your sickness??”
I tell him, adding “and you have pow­er”, since he clear­ly does -
What it is I don’t know. Hand on arm and forehead,
And prayer in Eng­lish and — Ara­ma­ic? Inspired gibberish? -
About Satana. A great warm feel­ing. The crowd
Prays, a susurra­tion of Jesus, before the healing.
The air crack­les with Holy Spir­it, the weird­est thing I’ve ever seen,
Yet He is nev­er thanked, unlike the Quakers,
Who talk of Jesus lit­tle. At the piano, the pas­tor’s wife
Thanks Jesus for being there, while the young man behind me,
Who was cry­ing, thanks me, per­haps for my touch on his foot.
A ser­vice worth wit­ness­ing. Faith healer. 

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