Nevada Same-Sex Marriages? And Quotes

I’ve heard that same-sex mar­riages are hap­pen­ing in Neva­da, too, but I can’t find a news sto­ry about it. Any­body got a link? It’s more good news, in any case 🙂

From dai­ly­dig:

Inten­tions, of course, are always good. The worse the fight, the high­er its jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. “Jus­ti­fied” vio­lence is the worst. Unjus­ti­fied vio­lence bursts out of a bad char­ac­ter or bad feel­ings, but it does­n’t go very far. But when peo­ple feel jus­ti­fied in the use of vio­lence, it becomes sys­tem­at­ic and leads to all the hor­rors of history.
–Lan­za del Vas­to, from The Hor­rors of History

And from qot­drss
I main­tain there is much more won­der in sci­ence than in pseu­do­science. And in addi­tion, to what­ev­er mea­sure this term has any mean­ing, sci­ence has the addi­tion­al virtue, and it is not an incon­sid­er­able one, of being true.
–Carl Sagan

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