Learning More About Acrobat

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So sam­bear gave me an SD card for my PDA, which led me to rein­stall the Acro­bat read­er on the PDA. And then I decid­ed to put The Fire­Heart Man­i­festo on the PDA, just because I could. Well, Acro­bat warned me…

Killing the Buddha

Killing the Bud­dha Killing the Bud­dha Man­i­festo Killing the Bud­dha is a reli­gion mag­a­zine for peo­ple made anx­ious by church­es, peo­ple embar­rassed to be caught in the “spir­i­tu­al­i­ty” sec­tion of a book­store, peo­ple both hos­tile and drawn to talk of…

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