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Conceal a flaw, and the world will imagine the worst.
–Marcus Valerius Martialis

That, better than anything, describes my own policy of being aggressively honest—especially about things that other people might try to use against me. It’s not possible to threaten someone with the release of information they, themselves, have already acknowledged.

We need a recipe for deviled eggs that doesn’t involve pickles. Pickles are icky. I guess I should call Mom and ask her for her recipe.

I have a cold. And I went up on one of my meds last night as instructed, but I don’t plan to take that dose again. I was trapped in a weird hypnagogic state this morning that was very disturbing. I knew I was awake, but I kept sliding back to the sorta-dreams. sambear actually fixed me a cup of coffee to help me snap out of it. I don’t really like regular coffee, and I’ve been off caffeine for the last week or two by preference. It was worth drinking today, though.

He’s been trying to find the decaf version of Suisse Mocha for me so that I can still have my comfort drink in the morning, but no luck so far. I’m tempted to drink the regular kind right now just because warm stuff feels good on my throat. (Edit: We can find the decaf kind with aspartame, but that gives me migraines so it’s verboten.)

shadowkatt is very itchy and has slathered so much cortisone cream all over herself that I think we need to brave the stores to get another tube or two. She’s a bit dopey from the Benadryl, too. Hopefully, the Medrol will kick in soon.

Obviously, no visit to the nephew today. Or tomorrow, most likely.

curiousmay9 ‘s birthday gifts of Cordelia’s Honor and Miles Errant have served their purposes well. I haven’t read any Bujold in years, and had already read the first half of each book when they were published under other names in the past—but I’m hooked. This is the first fiction I’ve enjoyed in a bit. Now I want to go raid her shelves for the rest of the series. NOW. Because I’m nearly done with Miles Errant and don’t want to run out of books.

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