I was awakened this morning by a collections call—from a company that I paid on time! Their system is screwed up, as they admitted to me when I called them yesterday—but they STILL sent it to a damned collections agency (for what they claim is something 15 days late) to harass me! Somebody is in deep shit.

That set off an incipient migraine that I’ve fought all day. At the moment, I seem to be losing that battle. I’ve medicated myself, and I’m not driving – losing the vision in one eye, as I usually do, does NOT make for safe driving.

Otherwise, I love spending time with my girl. And Shelley is Queen of the Cats for Homeschooling movement. She loves snuggling between the two of us as we work on or discuss things.

I’m still trying to find a place to put the stuff that was stored in a piece of furniture we removed from our bedroom about a week ago. I love having the extra space, and don’t want to bring anything else in, so I have to get creative.

I am getting more and more tempted to get myself a small desk. I need a place to put all my stuff for working on bills and filing and so on, and sitting in a good chair is better than being in bed if I don’t *have* to be in bed. Again, though—I don’t want to fill up that space.

Hmmm—it’s possible that I could move the loveseat in here, though. That would let me put a desk for myself in the sitting room with Sam, and move a couple of things from here into the sitting room. That bears consideration.

Of course, sambear is going to read this and go ARRRGHHH! Furniture movement again!

But it does always come out better than it was. Really.

I got all the magazines and patterns into the inventory program. I have to export the data to Excel to get the total of the “cost” column, but at least the capability is there. The result? I have about $1650.00 worth just in those items, before moving on to fabrics, fibers, and notions.

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