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Via Fem­i­nist­ing, Sum­mers’ posi­tion as #1 Har­vard Ass­hole challenged.

This guy is a real win­ner. He claims that there’s “no romance” with­out “mod­esty,” that wom­en’s attempts to achieve auton­o­my cause all of our (and soci­ety’s) prob­lems, and that we’re “low­er­ing” our­selves to “the lev­el of men” sexually!

A big fan of dig­ging his own grave, Mans­field went on to say that gay and trans­gen­dered peo­ple are on “society’s margin“and should remain there and that “sub­sti­tutes for the tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly are dysfunctional…you wouldn’t want chil­dren to grow up in them.”

I feel SO moved to run right out and pre-order copies of the man’s upcom­ing book, Manliness.

Dark­ness on the Edge of Town
A bold book argues that thou­sands of Amer­i­can towns were delib­er­ate­ly kept whites-only

Absolute­ly Perfect

Here’s your swimwear for 2007!

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